Steps to recover your Instagram password through mobile app

As the instagram is a widely used social media network, there are the unlimited numbers of users across the world. With this increasing demand for the instagram network and wide use of the mobile phones, instagram now provides the mobile app to easily and instantly access your instagram account from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere and at anytime using the mobile internet.

Recovering back your Instagram password

Whenever you are using the instagram mobile app to access your social media account, it is crucial to save your password otherwise it will be difficult to recover it back once you forgot.

If you have forgotten your instagram password and you are in need of accessing your account, it is always better using the Instagram password recovery method suggested by the experts. It is quite simpler to recover your account by changing the new password but you can’t get the old password. The following are the essential steps suggested by the experts to recover your instagram account for your regular usage.

Reset your password from Instagram mobile app

Resetting your password from the instagram mobile app is quite easier task to everyone. Whether you are using the Android smart phone/tablet or Apple iOS iphone or ipad, you can make use of this method to reset your password to access your account.

  • In the first step, you need to open the instagram page and then click on the “get help signing in” link in the sign in page.
  • Then, you should have to type the email id, username or phone number which you have used while creating the instagram account and click on the “next” button.
  • Now, you can get the email message to your address or SMS message to your phone number from the instagram with the unique 5 digit code or number.
  • Once you have got this unique code, you have to type the same into your instagram app.
  • Then, you can type your new password twice to set the secure and strong one for your instagram account.
  • Finally, click on the “reset password” button.

With the help of this new password, now you can access your instagram account through the mobile app or website in order to get the regular social media updates. Don’t set the poor password and your password should be stronger enough to protect your instagram account.