Play the global mu online by Webzen Inc

Computer games are one of the best ways to subside your boredom during summer and winter vacations. And if you are a fantasy game freak with a taste to play games with the storyline, global mu online may be a nice option for you. The game developed and published by Webzen Inc which is a leader in the global gaming industry.

Overview of the company

The company was founded in the year 2001 in Seoul, South Korea. Webzen Inc. is a portal which allows the users to play online games free of any cost. In 2000 came with the concept of online MU fantasy game back in 2000. They are the pioneer of 3D MMORPG, Archlord, and Continent of the 9th seal. Presently, they are the leaders in the gaming market for online or mobile games. They have been constantly developing and publishing new RPG based online fantasy games.

They have the presence in more than 23 countries all around the world in the continents of Europe, North America and South America accounting for million gamers. Some of the greatest hits are under development like MU 2, Genesis and many more.

About global mu online game

The game was created back in December 2001 and soon it got famous for its astounding story and graphics. The online presence has given the game the icing on the top. It is similar to most of the MMORPG games. The users have to step into a continent, known as MU continent after they have created a character. The continent has many monsters and as the player keeps on fighting with them, they gain experience. As soon as they get the threshold experience, they are leveled up.

The game has a feature of player vs. player where the user can compete with real-time players playing on the same server and can perform a duel. Though it is discouraged in the game, access has been provided by global mu online servers. There also a built-in chat option which enables the users to interact with each other.

What are the characters available?

The global mu online game like any other MMORPG has to be played with a character. But what differentiates the game is the wide range of options a user gets to select its character. Users will be able to select among the three character classes at the beginning of the game. These classes are Wizard, Knight, and Elf. Later on, they can unlock the magic Gladiator and Dark Lord.